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PRO Printers has been providing printing and imaging services to the Ottawa area since 1979, presently operating two locations in Ottawa - 2241 Gladwin Crescent in the east end and 1900 Merivale Rd in the west end. Over the years our mission has not changed: We strive to provide the best possible service and quality in a friendly, personable atmosphere. You are never an account number at PRO Printers. We offer this website for your convenience and also invite your call or visit at any time. Get to know us.

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These common protective shield/sneeze guard sizes are suitable for many different counters, desks, and other surfaces.


Optional Feet and Openings

You can order guards with feet and /or openings or create them yourself.
If opting for feet, slots will be made 3.5" from the edges of the shield.






Sneeze Guard Shield

Our protective shields are made from clear, durable plastic that is easy to clean and sanitize. They have been cut to size for you.








NOTE: We have changed our working hours to be 9-3:30 Monday-Friday. We are in the store but the door is locked.
Are you able to pay for the order ahead of pick-up by phone – with Visa or MC? Call us with the card details if this can be done. Then - call us when you are coming over to get the order and we can put your order in the Bin we have placed just outside our front door for a contactless pick-up. It is hard to believe that we are actually asking this of customers but we believe in the long run it will be for the better, for all of us. We can still take debit inside if absolutely needed.
Rest assured, that we clean the door, the counter and the debit machine after every use by a customer. Call us if there are any issues.

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